SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2020

Start at 6pm - from the Funky session place

Arrival at 8pm - on a Parisian spot

Since 2017,

GossipSkate and SkateXpress invite you to discover the light hike dedicated to QUADS and ROLLERDANCE!!!

SKATIN’ PARIS is set to music on a route that is always easy and pleasant. Once the hike is over, it becomes an outdoor ROLLERPARTY with the best skaters in PARIS. For the most beginners you will be supervised by our SKATEPATROLS equipped with LUMINOUS wheels.

SKATIN’PARIS offers you to ride on your favorite sounds: for that you just have to post your favorite « groovy » track in the comments of our facebook page and it will be broadcast on our SOUND SYSTEM!


    • Minimum level for hiking: know how to go, turn and stop.
    • Wearing of protective gear is recommended for adults and mandatory for minors (including helmets).

The hike is reserved for festival PASS holders or ticket holders.

Thanks to our partners: LUMINOUS WHEELS