Saturday, May 16, 2020

La bellevilloise - 19-21 Rue Boyer, 75020 Paris


  • 12am – warm-up
  • 1.00pm – presentation of the Jury
  • 1.15pm – category DANCE SCHOOL
  • 3.15pm – warm-up category Master / intermission
  • 2.30pm – warm-up category MASTER
  • 3.30pm – warm-up BATTLE
  • 3.45pm – BATTLE
  • 6.00pm – That’s the end of the line…


Groups of at least 2 dancers (mixed) will present a free programme lasting from 2mins to 3mins on the soundtrack of their choice.
The program presented must be unpublished within the framework of this competition.
Depending on the number of teams registered, Paname Skate Dance reserves the right to create or not two distinct age categories: juniors and seniors.

Coordination, musicality and technique will be particularly observed, and two categories will be represented.

Master:professionals, performers and recognized experts of the discipline.

Dance school : dancers from beginner to medium level, mixed. The soundtrack must be provided to the organization by email : Subject: PSD sound, name of the group on the track.
Only one track per group at the email address «« , or on the D-day on usb key (at your own risk).

THE GROUP BATTLE : Come with your crew to challenge your opponents! All levels included!
Style, answering, humour and technique will be your strong points. The skaters will evolve on the DJ’s mix by teams of two to five dancers taking turns opposing an opposing team. All the teams will meet as a pool during heats during 1mn.

Registration fee:

10€/Pers for – THE CHOREGRAPHIC COMPETITION from two people. and/or – THE GROUP BATTLE from two people

Entry for the public, coach, friends and family (3€)